Doubts about the Ceasing Cold War between Bali Governor and Vice Governor?

A number of people and communities suspect that “cold war” has occurred between Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika with Vice Governor AA Ngurah Puspayoga. The indication of the cold war, appeared from the lack of communication between the two top officials in Paradise island.

But the cold war that thought by many parties was refuted by the statement from the number one figure in Bali by providing clarification regarding rift allegation with Vice Governor AA Ngurah Puspayoga in Bali Parliament plenary session.

Pastika provided clarification in order to show if the connection between the two officials remain good, so it does not need to blow up

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika clarified the rift allegation with Vice Governor AA Ngurah Puspayoga in front of Parliament plenary session in Denpasar.

The government implementation continue to run as it’s usual and the programs run as it has planned collectively with the provincial government, both legislative and executive.

Pastika submit the clarification after reading the governor answers to fraction general overview towards the Draft Provincial Budget 2013 and Regional Equity.

After reading the answer, there are a lot of questions directed to the Governor by the board members. They could not seem to believe his clarification.

Board members questioned that mass media mentioned inharmonious relationship, allegation of precedence rights of Vice Governor was “castrated” and the issue of Vice Governor was not perform his duty for a year.

But the question was addressed calmly by the Governor who said if they both agree to perform the duties well until the end of the tenure.

Meanwhile, Vice Puspayoga said that he wanted a good relationship with Governor Pastika to the end of the tenure, and afterward the ties of relationship should not be broken.

It is true that there are differences of opinion but it is not a discord.

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