Nusa Dua Fiesta Exhibits Pictures of Undersea Beauty


The celebration of Nusa Dua Fiesta XV will exhibit approximately 50 photos in underwater photo exhibition entitled “Underwater Paradise”.

“At the exhibition of each photographer is given opportunity to show the best of their work each 10 pieces of various sizes,” said the Chairman of Photos Organizing Committee “Underwater Paradise” Hutasoit Pariama during a press conference of Nusa Dua Fiesta (NDF) in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Tuesday .

He said five photographers who participated the exhibition is Sangut Santoso, Andrianto Noble, William Tan, Indra Swari Wonowidjojo and Hendra Tan.

“The five photographers are renowned photographers in the country and abroad. They want to show to visitors the NDF activities, the underwater scenery is extremely beautiful,” he said.

In addition, he said, they wanted to show their best works to NDF visitors both the local and foreign tourists who were vacationing on the island.

“Behind their success to capture moments of underwater beauty, the picture taking is full of challenges and risks, because the ocean currents sometimes be a threat to divers,” said an activist woman in NGOs.

She explained that the photographers who will exhibit their best work, which is Purwono Budi Santoso or popularly known as Sangut Santoso who currently works as the “Cruise Director” at Salila Expedition Cruise.

In addition, she said, Santoso also still enjoy working as a tour guide of freelance dive, dive instructor and underwater photographer, especially to Bali, Komodo and Raja Ampat.

Andrianto Mulia’s interest in photography was started since he began the childhood and began to seriously practice it with a Nikon F601 camera in 1992.

Since then, he said, “diving” in almost all waters of Bali, but his favorite location are Tulamben, Menjangan and Nusa Dua.

In addition, Andrianto also has traveled to many places in Indonesia, such as Raja Ampat, Maumere Bay, Manado, Komodo National Park and others.

Meanwhile, William Tan’s interest in photographing the marine life for tourism organizations, groups of scientists, dive magazines and camera manufacturers as well as the resort.

In 2006, William and his dive guide Noldy Rumengan helped in finding and named a new species and Genus Pipihorse “Kyonemichthys Rumengani”.

Indra Swari Wonowidjojo extremely love marine life, so she decided to venture the underwater and capture the shot of sensation in the photographs.

Hendra Tan likewise is an active photographer and care for marine conservation efforts, particularly in Indonesia and dedicated his life as an ambassador for the underwater world of Indonesia.

Through his works, he hoped his best photographs could knock other people’s hearts.

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