Curbing the Sale of Dog


Bali Provincial Animal Health and Husbandry Office asked the traders not to sell dogs in arbitrary place to facilitate the control in preventing the spread of rabies.

“We want their awareness, we are not banning, but please do not get into spreading rabies by selling dogs over the place,” said the Head of Bali Provincial Animal Health and Husbandry Office, Putu Sumantra in Denpasar.

He expected that the dog is sold at places that have been set by the government as Satria Market, Denpasar and Beringkit Market, in Badung regency.

“Do not sell them on the street, in addition to disrupt the traffic, it is also not feasible. Dogs for sale also have been vaccinated and we are ready to serve the vaccination,” he said.

Sumantra not deny that rabies control is the responsibility of his party, of course, the control of critical points of rabies transmission cannot be done every day.

“We find that the traders are still stubborn and often play hide and seek with the officer. Therefore, we expect the awareness of all party including the merchants. Without any consciousness, we may not be able to free Bali from rabies,” he said.

In addition to prevent the dangers of rabies through vaccinations for dogs are sold, he also expected people to keep dogs well.

“If you cannot keep a dog in large amounts, so sterilized them, or if the dog was already born, it’s better left it to the people who willing to take care of it or the government,” he said.

According to Sumantra, the number of dogs in Bali is predicted up to 320 thousand, the figure is quite large for the island territory. “Ideally, the dog population in our area about 200 thousand,” he said.

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