Geothermal Plant Operates, Electricity Supply is Sufficient


PT PLN Bali Distribution expected the acceleration of construction of Steam Power Electric Generator in Celukan Bawang, Buleleng regency, as it has enormous benefits in increasing power or electricity supply.

“We expect the construction of PLTU Celukan Bawang is immediately completed because the benefits are huge for the independence of this region to the power supply,” said the Head of Public Relations of Bali Distribution PLN Agung Mastika in Denpasar on Monday.

According to him, if the power plant is constructed and operated, it will be capable of supplying electricity to the island territory well.

Even it also can make Bali independent in supplying the electricity so it does not depend on the supply of a number of power plants in Java.

“The capacity of PLTU Celukan Bawang reached 130 MW X 3. With the capacity, Bali can be self-sufficient in electricity supply in which has been largely derived from Java,” he said.

Mustika explained, the current capacity of 690 megawatts of electricity is derived from several power plants which already operated in the island, namely Pesanggaran, Pemaron and Gilimanuk.

With a high peak load of 653 megawatts, as the impact of the current hot weather conditions.

“We are also making every effort to anticipate the disaster that could make the power outage. One way to replace the old network and repairs in hazardous locations,” he said.

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