Environmental Quality of Bali has the Highest Rate


Environmental quality index in Bali has reached 99.65 percent, that is very encouraging, because Bali has the best rate compared to other regions in Indonesia.

Head of the Environment Agency (BLH) of Bali, I Nyoman Sujaya said that he appeared of one of the speakers at the workshop on the evaluation of the achievement of the development program which was also attended by Governor of Bali Mandara, Made Mangku Pastika in Denpasar.

He said the average achievement of a minimum standard of environmental care on the island in 2011 had reached 92 percent, surpassing the national average of 66 percent target.

Interim report shows the “range” vary from red to green, which describes the company’s level of compliance with the legislation in the environmental field is relatively good, because nothing is black and a rating.

Similarly, the preparation of the environmental status of the area in 2011 was ranked fourth nationally.

I Nyoman Sujaya added, various programs related to environmental conservation and strengthened over local government to allocate adequate funding and support from the entire community participation.

A variety of programs related to the environment that emphasizes income generation and welfare of local communities, in addition to procurement of various types of seedlings for reforestation in forested areas and vacant land owned by indigenous communities and villages outside the forest area.

Besides procuring rare plants, bamboo plants is better than plastic waste. Bali Environment Agency is encouraging local residents to establish community-based anti-plastic trash movements to clean plastic garbage from Bali, because all the waste goes to area lakes, rivers and the sea.

I Nyoman Sujaya explained, it is no less important to build environmentally friendly sewage treatment in some places, hoping to be a pilot project to be replicated by the public.

All community members and entrepeneurs on the island are expected to be actively involved, especially in their respective environments, as efforts accelerate to realize province of Bali as a clean and green (Bali Green Province), hopes I Nyoman Sujaya.

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  1. BD Says:

    If Bali rates the best environmental score in Indonesia, this is very scary. I just visited Bali for a month and was shocked at the state of environmental degradation there. Very sad

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