Baby Saved from the River


Residents managed to save a 13-month-old infant who drifted in Cau River at tojan village, Klungkung regency.

The infant is Agung Eka Raditya and washed up as far as 600 meters from his house.

“At first, my wife noticed a suspicious object while washing kitchen utensils in the river around 12:30 pm,” said Komang Santika (48) who lives around the Cau River.

Santika’s wife, Ni Ketut Kartini (32), was shocked when her eyes was seeing a suspicious object floating in the river. First she assumed it was a doll.

“My wife was screaming at the sight of a baby. I was trying to catch the baby to plunge into the river,” he said.

The baby is from the young couple, Agung Rai Saputra and Sintya. Luckily the baby boy is still alive.

Santika brought the baby boy to the hospital in Klungkung. “We have tested the infant. Based on the results of ‘a skiagram’, there is no problem with the baby’s organs,” said Dr. Chandra Sumringah, a medical officer of the hospital in Klungkung. The baby only suffered a few bruises on the head, because of the rocks in the river.

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