Bali Coastline Threatened by Abrasion


The shorelines of Bali province have been badly affected by abrasion, with approximately 102.47 kilometres of the island’s 438.8 kilometre-long coastline being severely eroded, according to an official.

“We have taken steps, covering 64.144 km of the affected coastline, to tackle the problem,” Bali Environmental Agency (BLH) head I Nyoman Sujaya said here.

BLH is cooperating with the local Public Work Office and Bali Penida River Board in its efforts to control the erosion of Bali’s coastline.

“Plantation of mangroves along the beaches is one of the measures taken to prevent further abrasion of the shorelines,” Nyoman stated.

“During the period from 2009 to 2012, about 250,000 trees have been planted over an area of 92.5 hectares,” he added.

According to BLH data, nearly 20.8 percent of the 7,200 hectares of coral reef in Bali waters have been damaged.

“Despite the large area there is to be covered, the local administration has rehabilitated 360 hectares of coral reef in Balinese waters over the past three years,” Sujana said.

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