Bali Has Successfully Built 5,109 Houses for the Poor


The Provincial Government of Bali has managed to build 5,109 house units to help the poor communities in this area.

“Thousands of permanent house units in Bali were uninhabitable, but with help of local funds and corporate social responsibility (CSR) there were a number of houses rebuilt into this area,” said Head of the Bali Provincial Social Departement, Drs I Nyoman Wenten.

The construction of these houses has taken three years, this was during the period of 2010-2012.

In 2010, people were working on 922 house units with help of funds, in 2011 they have build 2.064 units and in 2012 they have build 2123 units.

Drs I Nyoman Wenten added the construction of houses for the poor communities were in eight regencies and a city in this area, using a system of self-management. The construction of these houses have costs Rp 20 million and the poor people may live in these units.

“The system is different from previous years are tendered. All of these units are submitted to the local community. Drs I Nyoman Wenten hopes, with the self-management system to increase solidarity between the government and the community.

Appropriate housing will continue to develop, with the goal of reaching 13,000 house units to place people who are economically disadvantaged.

The poor communities in Bali based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS)it consists 134,804 households (HH), about 20,000 households do not have a livable home in 2008.

In March 2012 the poor communities increased to 168,780 households, 4.18 percent of the total population.

The poor communities in urban areas consist of 91 440 people and 77,340 people lives in rural areas.

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