Buleleng Concerns about the Condition of 182 Elementary Schools


It seems 182 of units of the elementary school (SD) in Buleleng has bad conditions, it is alarming and it requires immediate repair.

“We have proposed to repair the school units , but it cannot be realized this year,” said Head Elementary School District Education, Nengah Pujiani, Buleleng, Singaraja.

According to him, only a small part of the 182-units of the primary school building are damaged. They were repairing using the funds from the budget year 2012.

Based on data from Buleleng regency Disdik, the damaged schools buildings are spread over as many as 12 units Busungbiu District, District Kubutambahan (12), Buleleng (16), District of Sawan (16), District Gerokgak (15), District Seririt (15) , District Tejakula (13), District of Banjar (10), and District Sukasada (17).

“Actually,repairing the elementary school buildings has become priority in Buleleng regency,” said Nengah Pujiani.

Nengah Pujiani added that repairing all school buildings in the area will be re-done next year.

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