Interesting Offers for European Tourist


Backpackers often stay in a house owned by residents in the rural area of Bali and has now started much coveted by European tourists who vacation to the island.

“Backpackers tour by setting up a community-based accommodation in the form of a modest home in the village that showed a positive trend due to interest of many travelers from Europe and the United States. The average stay is more than three days to two weeks for this group,” said I Gusti Agung Prana, originator of the tourism development practices, in Denpasar.

According to the tourism practitioners, trends in the practice of community-based tourism are positive. It is a business opportunity for improved and enhanced by the actors in the business sector.

Currently, many foreign tourists prefer to live in a modest home owned by residents rather than stay in star hotels.

“The concept has been implemented since three years ago with the aim to preserve the culture and nature preserve here,” he said.

More value of the package is to create synergy in tourism sectors, namely tourism, agriculture, customs and culture that has been the dominance of one interest only.

The idea Agung Prana, who has served as Chairman of the Association of Travel Bureau Asita Bali Indonesia (2002-2005), initially responded by rural communities. A lot of people asked to make use of their accommodation.

The principle of community-based tourism is to work with agencies and utilize indigenous village houses for tourism accommodation

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