KPK Names Two Suspects in Century Bank Case


Disclosing new development in its investigation into the Century Bank alleged corruption case, anti-graft agency KPK named two suspects in their initials.

The chief of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Abraham Samad, said in a meeting with the House of Representatives’ Century Bank case monitoring team that “we have discovered a corruption crime causing losses to the state” in the case.

The KPK declared BM and SCF respectively former Bank Indonesia (central bank) fourth deputy for foreign exchange management and fifth deputy for bank supervision as the ones who have allegedly committed corruption crimes in the case.

Abraham said KPK had discovered an abuse of power committed by the two in the extension of SPDP (short-term loans) and also in declaring the Century Bank as a failed bank with a systemic impact.

He earlier said KPK had conducted an examination including seeking a second opinion from other medical personnel regarding the health condition of SCF and is now awaiting its complete results.

“Investigation (into the Century Bank case) has continuously been carried out including routine exposition of the case,” he said.

Abraham said KPK would follow up the discovery with a judicial action.

Following its failure the government decided to bail out the Century Bank during an economic crisis in 2008 for fear of its systemic impact.

The bailout funds needed soared from initially Rp600 billion to Rp6.7 trillion.

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