Schoolies Party Safe Warning for Bali


Anxious parents need to stay in touch with schoolies as they converge on Australia’s hot spots and fly to to Bali.

Thousands of schoolies are partying hard on the Indonesian island, with Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr sending a warning that other countries have strict laws on drugs, drunkenness and fighting.

Senator Carr says his message is to “have fun, but stay alert”.

Last summer, Australia’s consulate in Bali dealt with 41 cases involving Australians under the age of 25. There were 14 arrests.

Seven young Australians were sent to hospital and one cases involved a sexual assault.

Senator Carr is right when he says the holidays of these 41 young Australians last summer turned to disaster.

There are four rules that schoolies need to stick to.

They should keep to a safe alcohol limit. They should be aware their drinks could be spiked. They should stay in a group for personal safety and they should walk away from fights and arguments.

Parents need to drive home the same message to their children.

As schoolies join in the fun at the Gold Coast and other Australian resorts, the businesses profiting from the party also have an obligation to ensure the safety of young partygoers.

Drugs are a problem as well as alcohol abuse, and schoolies are also at risk from adults who prey upon them.

Party safe is the best message parents can give their children.

But young adults have to show maturity and take responsibility for themselves. The consequences are serious and in some cases are life-threatening.

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