Tourists of Asia Pacific Goes to Bali


Foreign tourists from Asia Pacific are travelling directly from their country to Bali. During January-September 2012, there were 1,260,078 people, that is 59.26 percent of 2,126,281 foreign tourists.

Thanks to well organized air transportation tourist from Asia Pacific can travel to Bali,” said Tjokorda Gde Agung of Bali Tourism Observer.

It can be seen that foreign tourists comes from Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, the U.S. and Singapore. Eight countries are from Asia Pacific.

While other tourists comes from Europe, namely the UK and France. Other Europe countries have obstacles to come to Bali, because they don’t have direct flights to Bali.

Tjokorda Gde Agung said, to increase the number of foreign tourist to Bali, the tourist departments and government needs more hard work in promoting the island and improving the quality of the environment.

Security issues in this area are quite good, as shown by the various international meetings; this includes a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama.

However, security issues needs improving, to reduce criminal cases or demonstrations

If it would be disturbing for tourist if they are not well secure in Bali.

Tjokorda Gde Agung also mentioned that Bali has to develop more in the spiritual tourism, by inviting foreign tourists reviewing Pura (Hindu temples).

Many foreign tourists are happy to visits the temples, especially for young couples, drinking holy water that flows in a sacred area. “There was this couple who were visiting a temple Batukaru Pura, 45 km northwest of Denpasar. The young man tried to drink water that comes from a sacred source, and I never saw someone so happy to perform rituals at this temple,” said Gde Agung.

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