Crisis Does Not Affect Tourist Visits to Bali


Tourism observer Dewa Rai Budiasa has stated that the European economic crisis has not resulted in fewer tourists from the continent making foreign trips, including to Bali Island.

“People in Europe generally plan their trips a long time in advance, so they have enough saved up before actually making the trip to their desired foreign destinations,” he said here.

Dewa stated that the crisis in Europe had not diminished the European people’s desire to visit Bali.

He said the Bali Art Mission, which often promotes the Indonesian island resort in Europe, also contributed to increased European tourist arrivals in Dewata Island.

“Besides, improved air transportation from Europe to Indonesia, especially to the island, has also resulted in the rising number of European tourists in Bali,” Dewa explained.

“The mission has promoted Bali tourism in Europe since the 1950s, keeping the European people’s interest in Balinese art alive,” he continued.

“Moreover, the Balinese community in Germany has a cultural park. They have set up a `Pura’, as a special place of worship for Hindus, which has become a part of Bali tourism promotional campaigns,” Dewa added.

Tourism Sub-official of Bali reported that European tourist arrivals in the island during the period from January to September this year reached 480,277, much higher than the 448,060 European visitors seen during the same period in 2011.

“Tourists from Europe accounted for 22.59 percent of the 2.1 million foreign tourist arrivals in Bali during the first nine months of this year,” Dewa noted.

“These data show that the European crisis has not negatively affected tourist visits to Bali,” he added.

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