Foreign Investors Dominate 80 Percent of Tourism in Bali


Some 80 percent of investment in Bali’s provincial tourism industry are dominated by foreign investors, the spokesman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) office chapter has said.

“The domination of foreign investors is dangerous to Bali’s provincial economic condition. Therefore, the role of local investors should be strengthened,” the Badung district chief of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry office chapter, Anak Agung Ngurah Alit, said here.

According to Alit, foreign investment results in disadvantages to poor people, since much of the profits go only to foreign investors.

“We hope the government can issue a policy in an effort to protect local entrepreneurs, Alit disclosed.

In the meantime, the Bali provincial administration has planned to develop new tourism spots located in the northern region to attract elderly tourists.

“The Buleleng regency administration has expressed enthusiasm towards the plan. Moreover, an airport will also be built in the area,” Bali Investment and Promotions Board Chairman Ida Bagus Made Parwata said here during a scientific seminar entitled “Caring For The Elderly”.

He said plans call for five new tourism spots to be built, though some have already become tourism locales that need to be managed and helped in other ways.

Parwata mentioned five new tourism spots to be developed for senior tourists, including Perancak in Jembrana regency, Gerokgak in Buleleng regency, Amed area in Karangasem regency, Bedugul-Tabanan area in Pancasari regency and Kintamani in Bangli regency.

“Agricultural parks will be developed in Gerokgak, such as the cultivation of pineapple and dragon fruit. Those varieties were chosen due to the area being covered by dry soil,” she said.

Parwata added that the elderly will be able to take advantage of a retirement village, fitness center and nursing personnel.

He said a number of visitors from Abu Dhabi and Dubai have expressed interest in developing new tourism spots in Bali.

“The accreditation of the appropriateness of the area will be managed by Bali Retirement Tourism Authority (BRTA),” he added.

Meanwhile, BRTA deputy chairman Ni Made Ratnawati stated that the development of new tourism spots for the elderly is part of programs to improve tourism in Bali.

“In general, the visits of the elderly seem to be stable through all seasons and they take vacations for a long time. Therefore, facilities, such as health and security services, must be provided,” she said.

Ratnawati expressed hope that the new tourism spots will attract more visitors who wish to learn about marine life, yoga, meditation, and organic plantations.

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