Fuels Stock Safe Until End of Year


PT Pertamina Marketing says stocks of fuels (BBM) for the needs in Bali are secured until the end of this year, although in some areas there is shortage of fuel.

“Pertamina is doing everything to maintain the stability to fulfill the goal. It is certain that the stocks of fuels in Bali are secured,” said Sales Area Manager Retail of Fuel Pertamina from Bali-Nusa Tenggara, Iin Febrian.

During 2012, the Island got its fuel quota for as much as 767,038 kiloliters of premium, while diesel has 224,155 kiloliters.

This amount is predicted by the end of the year and maybe even exceed the realization about one percent.

“We forecast the realization will exceed one percent of the quota up to the end of the year,” Iin said.

Meanwhile, the availability of premium fuel has reached 28,500 kiloliters to 25,000 kiloliters of diesel and or will meet up to 20 days.

Not only that, on Wednesday 28th of November 2012, MT Fastron ship was carrying oil supplies and will be loading and unloading at the Terminal Depo Manggis, Karangasem regency.

It is carrying some 12,000 kiloliters of premium and diesel by 22,000 kiloliters.

“The intensity of the arrival of ships transporting fuel is quite often. This takes an average of two and three days. This all is to maintain the stability of the availability of fuel in Bali,” added Iin.

So far, the distribution of fuel to the island, is conducted through two entrances namely in Depo Manggis Karangasem, not only for Karangasem but also for the West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, to Timor Leste. In addition to the Depo Manggis the fuels are also distributed through Depo Pesanggaran Denpasar.

The new fuel arrives and it will be distributed by using a fleet of 67 tank cars from Pertamina, to distribute further to 180 fueling stations of common oils (gas stations) in Bali.

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