Hundreds of Students Received Scholarships


A total of 604 students in the west of Bali received scholarships worth of Rp 3 million from Jembrana regional government.

Scholarships were granted by Jembrana Regent, I. Putu Artha to students of the regent.

“We want students to get this scholarship to use for education expenses, so it would lighten the burden of the students’ parents,” he said.

According to him, many graduates of Senior High School of Jembrana are continuing their education in other areas.

“There is a need of money for the cost of college, but also other costs such as accommodation and daily needs,” he said.

He also reminded the students that the scholarship is not to be used to support the consumptive lifestyles. Therefore, scholarship are given to students who has a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

Head of Department of Education and Secondary Education, Youth, Sports, Tourism, and Culture of Jembrana Regency, I. Made Sudiana, said 637 students requested for scholarships.

However, 604 students were approved for scholarships. Scholarships are granted after each semester with a value of Rp 3 million. “The region has budgeted R1, 8 billion for all of the scholarships,” he said.

According to Sudiana the disbursement of funds will first be submitted by the Board of Education of Jembrana and then it will be transferred to the student.

“The number of students who is receiving these scholarships is increasing every year. This means that students from Jembrana are able to meet the GPA requirement,” said Sudiana.

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