Ideal Minimum Wage for Bali is Rp2.2 Mln


The National Front for Indonesian Workers Struggle (FNPBI), Bali branch, said the ideal regional minimum wage (UMP) for the tourist resort province was Rp2.2 million per month.

“The ideal UMP rate for Bali is equal to that of Jakarta which was fixed at Rp2.2 million per month,” FNPBI chairman for Bali Ikhsan Tantowi said here.

He expressed hope the regional minimum wage increase in Bali should not follow the way it was raised in the past where the increase was only at hundreds of rupiah range.

Ikhsan said that the hike which was too small could not balance the increase in the prices of daily necessities which continued to increase.

“We hope the governor and the related parties would be aware of this fact so that they would be able to fix an ideal amount of regional minimum wage level in accordance with decent living cost,” he said.

Ikhsan said there was other problem that needed to be given attention to, namely the fixing of minimum wages based on sectoral basis. So far, the minimum wages were fixed with a uniform rate while it should not be like that.

“We hope that the governor would fix minimum wages based on business sectors. If the UMP is small, the income received by workers in all sectors would be small as well,” he added.

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