Indonesians Abused After Football Game in Malaysia


The leader of an Indonesian youth organization in Malaysia and two other Indonesian crowdgoers were reportedly beaten up on Wednesday after a football match between Indonesia and Singapore.

“The victim, named Sagir Alva, heard noise behind him when he was talking to an Indonesian reporter,” Suryana Sastradiredja, a spokesman for the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia, Said.

“When he turned around to look, someone hit him in the face. He ran to avoid the crowd, but they chased him and hit his ear.

“He reported the case to the Indonesian Embassy last night. There were two other Indonesians that were reportedly beaten, but have not reported to me.”

While some Indonesian media reported that the attack was carried out by Malaysia supporters, Suryana said Sagir, who heads the Malaysia chapter of the Indonesian National Youth Committee (KNPI), told Selangor Police that he could not identify the men who had abused him.

“They were wearing black outfits, not necessarily Malaysia supporters,” Suryana said of the incident, which took place at Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.

Going by the name Ultras Malaya, a group of Malaysian supporters donned black attire during a match earlier in the week, between Malaysia and Singapore. A video posted to YouTube shows dozens of people from the group chanting “Indonesia are dogs” at that match, which took place on game, was part of the group stage of the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup.

But Suryana said he had yet determine whether the video posted to YouTube was in fact a new video, or old footage.

Following the incident, Suryana said the embassy would officially ask the Malaysian police and government to guarantee crowd safety at the AFF Suzuki Cup, particularly during the upcoming match between Indonesia and Malaysia slated for Saturday.

“We will send an official letter to ask Malaysian police to beef up security at the stadium,” Suryana said.

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