Permit of a “Stubborn” Company Will be Revoked


Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika, has proposed a permit reconsideration of a company in disbursing corporate social responsibility funds (CSR) to alleviate poverty on the island.

“It should teach them a lesson, to not to be stubborn. If the permit is revoked or revised, then the company has to continue to supply CSR,” he said at the inaugural World Forum Social Responsibility of Business (CSR) in Operation Bali Provincial Welfare years 2012-2016.

According to him, the money that was generated by various companies, has already given 30 percent to the island. Eventually this money was not given, but used for operational costs.

“This is not fair, at least 70 percent of it is left here a few percent has to go to the poor community to reduce poverty,” he said.He has warned that the island not only consists of areas such as Kuta, Jimbaran and Ubud. There are more villages. The village of Ban, Kubu and Nusa Penida has a big poor community. A big part of the community does not eat, is sick and does not go to school.

“We all have responsibility in this community to reduce poverty,” he said. “Although the distribution of CSR is often not structured or systematic”. After this, it will create a reminder to companies in Bali to have CSR responsibilities.

Pastika did not deny that operating companies and hotels have open vacancies for employment.

With the inauguration of the forum, Pastika hopes it is going to work, because there is a standard operating procedure (SOP) and detailed by involving all stakeholders.CSR Forum was inaugurated in Bali and has more than 50 state-owned and private companies, as well as business meetings in Bali, of which there are PT PLN, Kadin Bali, PT Jasa Raharja, Pelindo III, PT Jamsostek, Pawnshops, PT Taspen, PT Pelni and many more. Including LKBN involve multiple media such as Reuters, TVRI, RRI, TV Gods, Bali and Nusa public relations division.

The position of Chairman of the CSR Forum is held by Ayu Pastika, who is also Chairman of the Coordination of Social Welfare (BK3S) of Bali.

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