Schapelle Corby Mini-series Plan Angers Family


Schapelle Corby’s mother Rosleigh is furious with the Nine Network and predicts its planned mini-series on the family will be “full of lies”.

Nine is hoping Schapelle, based on investigative journalist Eamon Duff’s book Sins of the Father, will be one of its biggest hits.

Mrs Corby only became aware of the mini-series after reading a newspaper report on Nine’s plans for next year, reports.

“I’ve just heard about it this morning. How could they be doing something like this on this book when it is so full of lies?” she said.

“We’ve rung up a lot of people who said this and that (in the book) and they said they didn’t say anything like that.”

Mrs Corby said the family had hired a lawyer and was proceeding with legal action against Allen & Unwin, publishers of Sins of the Father.

A statement of claim lodged with the Federal Court late last month claimed 10 photographs used in the book breached their copyright.

“Everything in this book is lies,” Mrs Corby said.

“We’ve said, ‘How could you print this bloody stuff or write it?’

“Even the trivial stuff is wrong, like when Michael and I separated, where the kids went to school, where (our daughter) Mercedes lived – all crap.

“I never spoke to him (Duff). He did not ask us anything about it. The whole thing is written about us being drug-running people. It’s sick.”

The Corby family believes the television series, like the book, will be based on allegations by Malcolm McCauley, an Adelaide-based man who served 15 months in jail for running drugs to Queensland in 2004-05.

In Duff’s book, McCauley claimed he had worked with Schapelle’s late father Mick moving high-quality marijuana from Adelaide to Queensland.

Schapelle Corby was caring for her father, who had inoperable prostate cancer, and Duff in the book argues it was impossible for her not to have known about his involvement in drugs.

However, in 2008 detectives laughed off claims that McCauley had supplied the drugs in the boogie bag and dismissed his admission he sold cannabis to Mick Corby.

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2 Responses to “Schapelle Corby Mini-series Plan Angers Family”

  1. Jenny Says:

    How could they get away with this book and making a tele movie when even the police say the claims are not true about her father.. Also what about the 4 defamation cases against the book? Why is this not reported in this article.. The author and publisher are being sued over lies in the book.

  2. Tim Bakier Says:

    The book was so boring they would want to make the movie more enjoyable. I don’t like that it is all about a dead man though who can not defend himself, seems you can say anything about a dead man these days without the worry of being taken to court. It also doesn’t look like the author had any reliable sources, well not ones that should be believed anyway.

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