Denpasar Inflation Rate is High


The inflation rate in Denpasar was recorded at 0.13 percent in November 2012. Inflation Rate in Denpasar is reported by the Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS, the national statistics office) The inflation rate in Denpasar is higher than the average national inflation rate of only 0.07 percent from the same month.

While the inflation rate of the calendar year from January to November 2012 amounted 4.10 percent and the inflation rate from November 2012 to November 2011 amounted 4.61 percent.

The Head of the Statistics Office of Bali, I. Gede Suarsa said that inflation in Denpasar was due to an increase in the prices of goods and services, including transport, communication and financial services by 0.55 percent.

Food, beverages, cigarettes and tobacco rose 0.19 percent, healthcare 0.15 percent, 0.05 percent, foodstuffs, and housing, water, electricity, gas and fuel 0.01 percent.

While the goods and services index fell 0.22 percent, this includes clothing and education, recreation and sport decreases by 0.06 percent.

In addition, the commodity prices has risen during the month of November 2012, including air transportation as well as some commodities and foodstuff such as onion, carrot, tuna, lemon and garlic.

Some foodstuff has decreased such as cayenne pepper, red pepper, mustard greens, chicken meat and eggs.

Gede Suarsa explains that 66 cities in Indonesia was targeted to survey, 33 cities experienced inflation and the other 33 cities experienced deflation. Denpasar ranks 25th out of 33 cities that recorded inflation, said Gede Suarsa.

The highest inflation is in Manado by 1.01 percent and the lowest inflation is 0.03 percent in Jember. While deflation occurred in Manokwari by 0.96 percent and 0.01 percent in Semarang.

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