In Bali 6,700 People is Infected with HIV/AIDS


It has been recorded that 6,700 people in Bali is infected with HIV/AIDS. Most predominantly due to heterosexual casual sexual relationships leading to increased cases of infection to mother and child.

HIV Cases in Bali previously dominated by injecting drug users, said Ni Putu Dewi Utami in Denpasar. Ni Putu Dewi Utami is the Director of Spirit Paramacitta Foundation, who is mentoring the people with HIV / AIDS (PHAs) in Bali.

She said the results of the national projections for 2010-2014 shows an increase in the number of HIV-positive women from 19 percent in 2008 and expected to rise to 28 percent in 2014.

HIV and AIDS in Bali and Indonesia in general has become the government’s full attention and the various components of society, because of the increasing number of people infected.

Cases of infected people is because of unsafe sex, syringes of used drugs, and vertical transmission of HIV to her unborn child.

High stigma and discrimination also adds a complicated issue that should be the responsibility of all people.

Dewi said that the foundation is currently assisting 35 children infected with HIV.”

The discovery of HIV positive children was around 2011 and began to increase since 2012,” she said.

According to her, people with HIV are everywhere. Not only in big cities and urban areas, but has spread to remote rural areas on the island.

Most of the children were allegedly contacted to HIV from their parents, while they were still in the womb. “The parents from the countryside goes to work in the city and then they returned to the village,” he said.

A total of 35 children who are HIV positive have all been undergoing a treatment “anti-retroviral” (ARV) to inhibit the growth of viruses.

The cases of children who are HIV positive is mostly located in the district of Jembrana and Buleleng regency. Also in Badung, Tabanan, Bangli, and Denpasar.

In granting the assistance, it gives a kind of empowerment and motivation to the child’s confidence grow in ways appropriate education like storytelling.

She hopes that the parents and teachers at schools will give a correct lectures to their students in order to avoid the negative stigma towards children who is infected with HIV- AIDS.

Previously there was a fourth grader in an elementary school at Karangasem regency who was discriminated in school. Schools has to avoid these situations.

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One Response to “In Bali 6,700 People is Infected with HIV/AIDS”

  1. Rani Muller Says:

    What a badly written and under-researched article!

    ‘In Bali, 6700 people IS infected’…?

    HIV and AIDS are two different conditions. One would have thought that this information, by end 2012, would have been circulated.

    What is evidently lacking in Balinese society is education, education, EDUCATION!

    When are corrupt officials going to spend the ‘fat ingresses of tourism’ where they are most urgently needed?

    I fear that Bali will end up being labelled the one island – par excellence – to be avoided, if drastic changes won’t be implemented soon.

    Who amongst you has a clear and focused vision to clean up Bali’s filthy mess, starting from the inside out? Who has the courage, the will and the perseverance? Who is incorruptable?

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