Unrest, Can Reduce Korean Tourist Arrivals to Bali


The emergence of small ripples among businessmen travel agency and tour guide who specializes in travelers from South Korea (ROK) could lead to a reduced number of tourists to Bali.

How small cases that can disturb the tranquility and comfort of travelers will have a negative impact on the tourism sector, says analyst Tourism, Tjokorda Gde Agung in Denpasar.

He admitted, thankful that the problems that arise between employers and tour South Korea already resolved, in the hope of providing better service to suit tourists. Small ripples are actually used in the world of tourism, if not handled promptly can be fatal, especially in providing services that can lead to negative things.

Lack of satisfaction travelers while in Bali due to not receiving appropriate services desired will be spread through word of mouth information that affects the number of tourist arrivals in the future.

Gede Agung said, there is the impression of South Korean tourists who come directly from the country to Bali during 2012 to October is somewhat reduced, whether due to lack of care or simply because of the economic recession, he added.

Data Bali Statistics Office said the arrival of South Korean tourists who vacation to the island decreased 1.24 percent to 101 622 people during January to October 2012, 102 898 people in the previous case.

If problems arise among tour guides and business travel agency which specializes in South Korean tourist arrivals in Bali resolved by either fear it would worsen the condition of Bali.

He said all parties should be able to help by giving windfall portion adapted to their role so that all could be well, otherwise it will affect the overall economy of Bali.

In conditions of global economic crisis, foreign tourists who come to Bali are still multiply, reaching 2,438,479 people from January to October 2012. That indicates is increases by 3.70 percent from the same period in 2011 by 2,351,515 people.

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  1. Nosh!tsherlock Says:

    I think this applies to all countries. Who wants to go on vacation to a place of unrest. Redundant writing.

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