Buleleng Soon Has a New Attraction


Buleleng Regent, Putu Agus Suradnyana, promised to develop the tourism sector with a different concept. This concept is going to be different from other regions in the province of Bali.

“Hopefully, next year we have developed and documented a new concept, because I would like to expand a different kind of attraction in the south of Bali,” he said.

We will develop some new attractions that has the potential for tourism and economic value. It also has to be appealing to the society.

In a discussion with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) Bali, Suradnyana mentioned that it is necessary to carry out a specific strategy in marketing for this attraction.

He pointed out that there is an area which is a good potential destination for tourism, it is in one of the largest district in Bali. Desa Batu Ampar is a place in the district of Gerokgak, the plan is to set up a resort by the name: “Menjangan Resort”.

In addition, there are some potential areas which can be developed as an attraction. For example the view at the hills in the village of Munduk, the underwater park in the village of Pemuteran, the panoramic view of the hills, the beach in the village of Pedawa and the historical sites at Layon Sari Jaya Prana.

It is stated that the potential attractions are located in the northern part of the island. At the north of Bali, almost 60 percent relies on the agricultural sector. It can be developed as an attraction, such as “ecotourism” or “agrotourism”.

“Buleleng wants to be different unlike the developed tourism in the southern of Bali . There are many hotels, but not specific an attraction for tourism,” he said.

In addition, the Bali Provincial Government will not give permission to establish a dolphin attraction outside Buleleng, because this attraction is only permitted in Lovina Beach.

“I asked the Bali provincial government to not give permission to quarantine dolphins as a tourist attraction outside Buleleng. There must be a balance for these attractions. If you want to see dolphins, then you need to go to Buleleng,” said Suradnyana.

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