Police Confiscated Hundreds of Fireworks


Bali Police confiscated 24 cardboard boxes containing hundreds of fireworks from the shop Gogo Toys in Denpasar because the store had no license to sell the items.

The confiscation was carried out at the shop, which is located on Jl. Gunung Agung, Adj. Sr. Comr. Sri Harmiti, police spokesperson said.

“We received information from local residents that the shop kept a large quantity of fireworks. The officers then searched the shop and found dozens of boxes of fireworks in various sizes, types and brands,” she said.

The shop owner, identified as MG, failed to show the police the relevant license to sell fireworks.

“MG has violated Article 12 of the 1939 Law on Firecrackers and a 1940 State Gazette, which carries a maximum of three months’ imprisonment. However, he is not being detained right now and is only undergoing questioning,” Harmiti said.

MG confessed that he received the fireworks from Kudeta Toys in Surabaya, East Java. The fireworks were sent by land one week before the police seized them.

Ahead of the New Year celebration, the Bali Police issued a ban on the distribution of fireworks, as well as limiting their use and size for safety reasons.

“The fireworks that are allowed to be distributed are those less than two inches in length. Those who sell, buy or use fireworks of a larger size should have a license issued by the National Police’s intelligence unit” said Comr. I Wayan Subagja, head of the police’s intelligence and security unit.

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