Houses Made from Biscuit to Celebrates Christmas

The home of Santa Claus ornaments made from bread flour biscuit to encourage the Christmas festivity in Aston Denpasar Hotel and Convention Center.

“Santa’s house decoration measuring 1.5 x 1.5 meters. Prepared to welcome Christmas in this hotel,” said Rike, Public Relations Manager of Aston Denpasar Hotel and Convention Center.

The house was put up about two weeks before the display since last week. It took quite a while to prepare the foundation of miniature Santa’s house.

Meanwhile, to make biscuits from wheat bread it only takes about two days, then directly attached to the foundation of the house that had been prepared.

“The concept of the house is a ‘gingerbread house’ but because it takes a lot of sugar and thus void replaced using bread flour,” he said.

The choice of using the biscuit because it is more durable and will not be searched by ants because they do not contain sugar.

According to him, if the ingredients of the cake contains sugar it certainly will not last long and must be sought by ants.

“The plan of the house along with the Christmas tree will be until the end of this year to enliven the celebration of the feast of the Christian as well as welcoming the New Year of 2013,” he said.

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