Road Extension Blocked by Land Acquisition


The construction of the new main road which connects the Southern and Northern area of Bali Island is blocked by the issue of land acquisition.

“Besides the expensive price of that land, it is also because land in Bali has culture and spiritual values. Many temples and sacred building on the location in which the road will be constructed.” said the Assistant of Bali Province Secretary of Economy, Development and Wealth Department in Denpasar.

According to him, reflecting on the highway construction which connects Benoa Harbour, Ngurah Rai Airport and Nusa Dua, it faced many problems because the road which will be built is on one area with a “sanggah” or sacred building of Hindu.

“if we only see the land physically, it is not that wide, but because of the “sanggah”, for the land acquisition we also have to complement the ceremony matter,” he explained.

Wija added that there is an independent team who has certificate from Finance Ministry who help regional government to estimate the land price based on the method which has been determined.

“However, this team only can estimate the land price based on the existing comparison. They can not estimate ceremonial cost, the sacred building, even its translocation.” he said.

Likewise, it happens to the plan of Bali Province government to build a shortcut road of Soka beach-tanah Lot-Seririt and Canggu-Beringkit-Purnama Beach. To build that road which is expected could equalize people economy access in North Bali is still blocked by the cost of land acquisition.

“In the construction of the main road Prof Ida Bagus Mantra which give access to the East part of Bali the central government is in charge of the cost and the land acquisition cost became the responsibility of Province and Regency government, for the construction of road to Seririt we expected that all cost could be handled by the central government,” he said.

Moreover, there is a thought and analysis for road construction over the rice field, so it doesn’t need many land acquisition and the rice field also is not cleared because of the highway poles.

“The central government seems very optimistic and also responds to solve this infrastructure problem because Bali is regarded as the Indonesian store windows,” he said.

Wija said, in the master plan of acceleration and extension of Indonesia Economy Development (MP3EI), Bali and Nusa Tenggara have two visions, they are, the national tourism gateway and the support of foods reserves.

“Because we are the gateway so gradually the infrastructure in Bali for certain will be regenerated by the central government,” he said.

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