Seaweed Production Set to Reach Seven Million Tons


Indonesia has set a target for seaweed production of seven million tons next year, which is an increase of two tons over 2012.

“We are targeting seven million tons next year,” minister of fisheries and marine resources Sharif C Sutardjo said here, after inspecting potential seaweed crops along the Pandawa coast in Badung.

He added that his office would also encourage seaweed farmers to process their production to add value to their products.

Industrialization is needed to increase quality and production to meet the need of industries for raw materials and improve the welfare of farmers, Sharif added.

“By 2014, production of seaweed is expected to increase to meet industries’ demands for raw materials, which are expected to reach 118,000 tons,” he said.

He added that if the targets are met, some 600,000 workers would be employed in the industry.

The minister said earlier that his office had also expected an increase in the value of fishery exports in 2013.

“We hope exports could reach US$4.5 to US$5 billion,” he said.

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