Thousands Hectares Buleleng Forest are Damaged


Thousand hectares of forest area in Buleleng regency, Bali, has on going scale destruction caused by the weather and humans impact.

“The forest destruction in this area is very worried,” said the Buleleng regent, Putu Agus Suradnyana in Singaraja.

He stated that in total the forest area in Buleleng regency are 51.436, 21 hectares in width but 8.258,14 hectares are damaged.

“In order to rehabilitate this forest destruction, a public forest park is needed,” said the politician of Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP).

Buleleng regency has the largest forest area compare to other regencies in Bali province. Along this year forest fire had taken place in Buleleng Regency.

Moreover, the forest fire in Pulaki and Tejakula has destroyed the productive plant on an area of 56 hectares.

“The fire was caused more by irresponsible people like the community around who search honey in the middle of the forest using fire,” said the Regent of Buleleng.

Suradnyana asks related institution to do any preventive action immediately by encouraging socialization so that similar event will not be repeated during the next dry season.

Until then, there are six villages around the forest area that are ready to run the public forest plant program.

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