Three ATMs Robbed


Three Auto Teller Machines (ATMs) in Tiara Gatsu Self-Service Store, Badung Regency, Bali, was robbed.

“The self-service store security reported that case around 12 pm WITA,” said the Chief of Criminal Detective Unit Police Resort of Badung, AKP Wayan Arta Aryawan.

In the main building, there are six units of ATMs from six different Banks. From those six ATMs, three of them, Permata Bank, BCA and Danamon Bank, were robbed by group of robbers.

That group robbed the ATMs by using electric welding. All money inside the ATMs is carried away.

However, the police could not estimate the amount of money robbed yet because they don’t get the detailed report from the Bank.

Police has examined five witnesses from security and management of the store.

“We don’t find any suspect yet from the witnesses inspection,” said the policeman.

According to Arta, when the robbery happened the security staffs were sleeping and they were unaware of any robbery had taken place.

The police team will try to take the surveillance cameras inside the ATMs.

The police team admitted that some of the cameras are broken and it is indicated that the robbers had turned off the electricity before the robbery.

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