Balinese Boy Dies as Cell Phone Battery Explodes


A Balinese boy is reported to have died after a used cell phone exploded while he was playing near a garbage burning site in Banjar Anyar village, Tabanan, Bali.

“The source of the explosion that killed eight-year-old Putu Fernanda was a burnt used cell phone battery that had pierced the boy’s left thigh,” said Mustakim, who happened to witness the incident, here on Thursday.

“The accident took place on Wednesday at 7pm local time while Putu was playing with another boy near their residence,” he noted.

“Then suddenly there was an explosion and Putu was screaming in agony,” Mustakim added.

Putu’s parents rushed out of the house immediately to check on their son and found out that a used cell phone battery had pierced his left thigh’s artery vein and was causing massive bleeding.

The ill-fated boy was then rushed to the nearest public hospital of Tabanan for immediate treatment. However, he had already suffered excessive bleeding and could not be saved by the team of doctors attending to him.

“Putu died at around 10pm local time while the doctors were trying to save his life,” Mustakim stated.

Meanwhile, Tabanan Criminal Police chief, Adjunct Police Commissioner Eko Kurniawan, said the police had secured the exploded battery that took Putu’s life.

“We are trying to find out whether the death of the child was a case of parental negligence,” he added.

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