Coffee Quality Development Focus for 11 Subak


The Bali Plantation Office of the Bali Province Government is focused on increasing the quality and quantity of coffee production in 11 subak in export commodity production centers on Dewata Island.

“This year, we have focused on 11 subak from amongst all others there,” said Head of Plantation Bali Dewa Made Buana Duwuran in Denpasar.

“Subak” is the typical irrigation system used by the people of Bali.

The areas that will become production centers for arabica and robusta coffee in Tabanan District are Buleleng and Karangasem.

In these regions, there are 66 subak production centers, but the local government has not focused on the entire group this year.

“The development focus on 11 subak is to increase not only the quantity of production but also the quality to achieve the best results,” he stated.

It is well known that in Bali, coffee production has not been able to fulfill the export market demand, which reaches 2 thousand tonnes every year.

“Until now, the coffee farmers in the region are only able to meet 50 percent of the needs of the export market,” he said.

So the coffee farmers are only able to produce 1 thousand tonnes per year due to the lack of processing equipment and human resources.

In fact, the average coffee production of the entire island is 3.5 thousand tonnes per year.

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