Jatiluwih Visitors are Charged Illegal Dues


Visitors of the tourism object, Jatiluwih, Tabanan Regency, Bali, has to pay illegal entrance fee to the local residents for the reason of ricefield preservation which has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage site.

“There shouldn’t be any additional fee. Legal entrance fee from the government is 15.000 rupiah per person,” said Wayan Adnyana, Head of Tabanan Regency Culture and Tourism Department.

According to him, beside legal entrance fee, visitors has to pay another fee of 5.000 rupiah per person for one of the traditional farming organization or “subak”.

To avoid any double management of the tourism object consisted of natural view of terraced rice field with mountain and forest background, the Culture and Tourism department will establish one specific administration.

“Actually, there is one administration, but in the structure there is no representatives of subak. That’s why, we establish a new administration,” Adnyana explained.

Therefore, he realized that so far Subak’s need as an important part of nature preservation in Tabanan Regency was not well-accommodated causing them charged illegal dues to the tourists.

Formation of Jatiluwih Management and Object Attraction Agency will be discussed intensively by Culture and Tourism Department, Public Construction Department,

Income and Great Administra-tion, Jatiluwih Subak and member of indigenous village.

“After the formation of the new administration, there is no illegal due charged beside the official one issued by the management,” Adnyana said.

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  1. Nick Says:

    Surprise! That’s what happens when you make a place a UNESCCO site….it becomes a turnstile. I’m amazed at the tourism people on this island all clapping that places such as this are or will be UNESCO sites. Give it a few years and they will charge foreigners $25 a pop to enter…a real drag for us who live here and just like to go for a cruise. But that’s how she rolls and Bali is on the road to being a complete sell out to tourism so maybe there’s no point even thinking about it.

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