Taman Ayun Area to Get Facelift

Government of Badung Regency, Bali, will redesign the road in front of Taman Ayun Temple, Mengwi, to be pedestrian pavement for responding to UNESCO recognition to Taman Ayun as one of the World Culture Heritage.

“The front area will endanger the temple building existence if it become traffic road. Moreover, at present, many big vehicles passed by, like sand trucks and even tronton,” Badung regent Anak Agung Gde Agung said in Mangupura, Sempidi, Mengwi.

Because it will be a pedestrian area, he added, there would be a traffic relocation and also road extension around Taman Ayun.

The tourists who visit Taman Ayun could park their vehicles on the Eastern and Western side and the village residents will provide parking space too.

“The stalls in front of Taman Ayun will also be relocated and on the West side we will build an art market selling products with good quality,” he said.

He added that, any place recognized as World Culture Heritage would be facilitated with information center and use brochures or film as the early stage of description.

Gde Agung was inspired by the information center like in the King Mother Palace in Chiangrai Thailand, in which the visitors got a small radio-like device spoken many languages that explain all about that place.

The redesign project of Taman Ayun, he stated, is also involved redesign of its garden so that it will be more beautiful, grassy and comfortable.

“With various of redesign project, our expectation is the tourists or whoever visits Taman Ayun could enjoy Taman Ayun as a whole. They will not only dropped by and sightseeing,” he stated.

Badung regency government itself allocated 11 billion rupiah for the redesign project gradually from its 2013 regional budget.

“The redesign attempt is not only because the World Culture Heritage program. We as the worshippers and responsible residents want Taman Ayun could be more attractive as the time passed”.

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