Visitors of Antonio Blanco Museum Decline

Number of tourist visits to Antonio Blanco museum in Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali, declined on end of year 2012 and beginning of 2013 holiday season.

“Last year, number of visitors reached 150 people per day but this year is only 70 people,” Ni Kadek Atik receptionist in Antonio Blanco museum stated.

She guessed that the decline of visitors to the museum which keeps paintings by the Spanish-American maestro lived in Ubud since 1952 was influenced by visitors decline to the Island of Gods.

Beside domestic tourist, the museum which is located over the hills alongside Campuhan River, Ubud, is often visited by foreign tourists from Australia, France, Russia, Netherland, China, and Japan.

“They really enjoy the Maestro paintings,” Apriliani Antonio Blanco Museum receptionist stated.

Christy, a visitor from Australia, also admitted it. “His work is very beautiful because it upholds Balinese arts and culture,” she said.

Antonio Blanco, who was born in Manila, Philippines, on 15 September 1912 and died in Ubud 10 December 1999, is noted for his paintings describing the exotic women in Bali.

On 1952 he came to Bali after travelling from Hawai, Japan and Cambodia. He married Ni Ronji, a dancer as well as his model on 1953.

In the museum established on 28 December 1998 there are about 300 art works which are dominated by physical beauty of women in Bali.

Many art collectors appreciated Antonio Blanco’s art pieces, they are Michael Jackson, Ex-Prime Ministry of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk, Igrid Bergman, a soap opera queen Ariadna Thalia, ex-Indonesian President Soekarno, ex-Indonesian President Suharto, ex-Indonesian Vice-President Adam Malik and many more.

Antonio Blanco’s talent inherited to his son, Mario Blanco. However, Mario Blanco’s paintings more originated from his surrounding thought, such as nature and environment.

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