Belulang Hot Springs without Sulphur Smell

Belulang hot springs which is located on Mangesta Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency, approximately 15 km from Tabanan city.

Belulang hot springs located in the middle of rice fields area. Belulang hot springs has its own uniqueness that it is without sulphur smell. It is different from other hot springs in common.

This hot springs resource is from Beji Temple area which is stored in a pond and channeled to some douches and small ponds.

With mineral content which is quite thick, Belulang hot springs is believed can heal many diseases related to skin disease.

Besides, this hot springs can refresh and heal exhausted body. Many tourists both domestic and foreign came to try the power of Belulang hot springs by showering or soaking.

To reach this place, visitors have to walk about 200 meters from the parking lot. On the way, visitors will pass rice fields path which is already arranged in certain way while enjoy the beautiful and natural view surround it.

It is told that local people believe that the hot springs is the place of Ida Putra PuncakGunungAgung, the hot springs resource is located in the Beji Temple area, a place where people purify themselves before come to the temple.

To get there you will spend about 60 minutes from NgurahRai Airport by using vehicle.

To support any tourism activity at the hot springs, there are food stalls and parking lot.

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