Denpasar Has 2.000 Additional Hotel Rooms


Tourism Department in Denpasar recorded that during last five years the number of hotel rooms in the capital city of Bali Province improved 2.000 new unit to fulfill the tourists’ needs.

“Denpasar administration intended to give opportunity for establishment of new hotels because many hotels reserved over its capacity to 20 percent more,” Head of Denpasar Tourism Department I Putu Budiasa stated in Denpasar.

His staffs recorded that total number of rooms, both in star hotel and motel in Denpasar, on 2007 it was 6.532 rooms and now is 8.478 rooms.

The increase in number of star hotels is from 23 become 28 unit, meanwhile motel is from 167 become 196 unit.

“We give limited license. Hotel could be added only around Mahendradatta, Teuku Umar, and Gatot Subroto. However, until now the highest contribution is offered by hotels in Sanur,” he stated on a discussion held by GIPI Bali.

He also ensured the addition of hotels in Denpasar (city hotel) is not caused more traffic jam because the owners of new hotels have provided basement parking lot.

“For the old motels, we keep setting partnership so that it could provide quality of service and facilities. It could not be denied that there is motel which its management are family.” he stated

He didn’t deny that although visits of domestic and foreign tourist to Bali increase, it doesn’t mean that the room accommodation will always full.

“In average the star hotel room accommodation every year is 59 percent, meanwhile for motel is 45 percent,” Budiasa stated.

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