Landslide Kills One in Bali


Heavy rain followed by a landslide that happened in Buleleng district, Bali, killed a local people.

Men Suar (52 years old) was found dead after being trapped inside her house that was hit by a landslide. Meanwhile her grandson Made Andi Sastrawan (two years old) who survived incident is now under a medical treatment at a local hospital.

Meanwhile Chief of Buleleng’s Disaster Mitigation Office (BPBD) Putu Dana said the district was also hit by a strong wind that triggered the collapse of several trees.

“Heavy rain caused several trees to collapse. It temporarily stopped traffic near Tamblang area, Kubutambahan subdistrict,” he added.

Floods and landslides triggered by incessant heavy rains also happened in Lebak District, Banten Province. Three residents were killed due to the incident.

The flood victims were Warsiti, 65, a resident of Talun village, Cibadak sub district; Dadang, 35, of Kujang Sari, Cibeber sub district; and Mustopa, 16, of Sidnangsari, Sajira sub district, Muklis, the head of the Lebak disaster mitigation office, said here.

The floodwaters submerged a total of 3,962 houses in Lebak Districtr, and landslides damaged 51 houses.

Fifteen sub districts have been affected by the floods, namely Rangkasbitung, Kalanganyar, Cibadak, Cimarga, Leuwidamar, Banjarsari, Lebak Gedong, Panggarangan, Wanasalam, Gunungkencana, Cilograng, Muncang, Cikulur, Sobang, and Cibeber.

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