Official Warns of New Low Pressure Area in Australia


The Meteorology, Clima-tology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) of Cilacap has stated that a new low pressure area has formed over Australia.

“Currently, a new low pressure area has formed over the Carpentaria Bay in Australia. The pressure at the core has reached 1,004 millibars,” BMKG Weather Forecaster Teguh Wardoyo said here.

“At least two low pressure areas have formed near Indonesia, including the one over the southwest of Australia, with a central pressure of at least 1,002 millibars,” he noted.

However, the low pressure areas might just move away soon, Teguh continued.

He said no development had yet been seen at the centre of the low pressure area, which is located in the southwest of Australia and was previously expected to be the origin of a storm.

“Several signs suggested that a new storm was brewing. Besides, strong winds were blowing above Central Java and rain clouds were seen as well. But, currently, a new low pressure area has formed,” Teguh pointed out.

“Waves up to 1.25-2.5 metres high are likely to be seen between Central Java and Yogyakarta during the January 17-20 period. Previously, though, we were expecting 5-6-metre-high waves,” he stated.

“Wind speed above the ocean is expected to reach 5 to 20 knots. In the southern part of Central Java, wind speed is expected to reach 18 knots,” Teguh added.

Besides, the Central Java region is likely to see thundershowers during the period.

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