Purifying on Pagerwesi Day to Gain Gift from God

Pagerwesi Day is celebrated every six months (210 days) on Wednesday of Shinta, also called “rerainangumi” (earth celebration), it means festival for all people, both priest and religious leader.

Pagerwesi day is the day aimed to enclose our soul in purifying self so that we could gain dignity and gift from Sang HyangPramesti Guru or The Great Creator.

Pagerwesi means metal fence which represents anything enclosed will be seen as sturdy and strong. The other meaning is something that has great value should not get any distraction or destroyed.

For Hindu people in the Island of Gods, Pagerwesi Day in Balinese is called “magehangawak” (to enclose oneself). On that day is the time to worship Sang HyangPramesti Guru who is also called Siva. He is the manifestation of God who is believed as teacher of humans and universe, and could remove any bad things inside human soul.

In Sundarigama script stated that, “RabuKliwonShinta (Wednesday of Shinta) is called Pagerwesi which aims to worship Sang HyangPramesti Guru accompanied by DewataNawaSanga (nine main Gods) in order to enhance anything that is born and growing in all over the world.”

The celebration of Pagerwesi is actually emphasized for the Priest or religious leader.

They have more understanding about the existence of Sang HyangPramesti Guru and other Gods and then it is spread and taught to people and to Hindus especially.

The celebration of Pagerwesi is held on midnight with ceremony and offering intended for PancaMahaBhuta (five elements of earth).

PancaMahaBhuta is five elements forming humans which consist of soil, water, fire, wind and space. After ceremony for PancaMahaBhuta is finish, Yoga-Samadhi is held to calm heart and thinking so that we can hold our bad wish and desire.

Besides, on Pagerwesi, it is recommended to fast one day (24 hours).

It is said that on 3.30 Sang HyangPramesti Guru accompanied by Gods and Ancestors come to give enlightening gift to people who is truly applying it.

Its philosophical meaning is to live without teacher is the same as to live without guide, to have teacher we can know what can be done and what can’t, without teacher we can lost direction of the prior purpose so that the action can be misguided.

A true knowledge is actually “pagarbesi” (metal fence) to protect our life in the world and afterlife. Knowledge will be meaningful and significant if there is teacher who supervises, teaches, and monitors.

Pagerwesi celebration is the sequence of festival in Bali, and for those who want to see and watch ceremonies on Pagerwesi Day, it is recommended to unify or socialize and gather with local people, there you will feel the atmosphere and existence as well as its uniqueness.

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