Cruise Passengers to Bali Increase


The number of cruise passengers berthed at Benoa harbor is increasing on 2012, General Manager PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III Benoa chapter, Iwan Sabatini said.

“The number of passengers on 2012 is 27.195 passengers that increase compare to 2011 that is 21.588 passengers although the number of ship is the same,” he said.

The growth showed that Benoa Harbor keep fixing its facility and the ship dimension also keep growing. The cruise service enclosed by Silver Shadow Cruise carried 480 tourists.

However, what is really making us proud is the success in handling two bigger cruises with turn around port pattern or taking passengers from the harbor.

Generally, the venture production at Benoa Harbor reaches 103 percent in average, the number of ship seen from GT is 3.571.271 which increase three percent from RKAP target, whereas for goods reaches 228.447 tons or increase 16 percent from RKAP target.

The package production decreased which is 18.146 or only 76 percent from the target of 22.614 teus.

The cause is export commodity descent from Bali and alternative transportation using road trailer because the trailer still used non-aid fuel.

The fuel distribution through Benoa harbor is about 898.905 tons per liter or approaches the target of 800.829 tons per liter, the recent assumption is there is rise of 102 percent.

“Generally, the achievement of Benoa Harbor is stagnant is it is compared to the costs, such as pond deepening, jetty fixing, and facility improvement on the cruise terminal,” he said.

This year we plan to build “mooring dolphin” to give comfort for bigger ships so that it could berth at Benoa Harbor.

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