Culture Ministry Allocates Funds to Build ‘Keris’ Museum

The Ministry of Edu-cation and Culture (Kemendikbud) has allocated funds of Rp10 billion to build the Keris (dagger) Museum in Solo.

“The Surakarta Government had sought Rp35 billion from the central government for the project, but only Rp10 billion was approved. Therefore, we will have to adjust the design of the building with the available budget,” Spatial City (DTRK) Surakarta head Ahyani said in Solo.

She noted that revisions would be made to the layout design and size of the museum.

“Obviously, the size of the building cannot be the same as was originally planned. But a decision is yet to be reached with regard to the way the downsizing will be done,” Ahyani explained.

Surakarta Government sought funds from Kemendikbud for the construction of Keris Museum last year. The building is planned to be situated on the south side of Sriwedari.

Also located in the same area were former Mental Hospital (RSJ) Mangunjayan, former office building of Population and Civil Registration Dispendukcapil, and Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (Orari) buildings.

The construction of Keris Museum is aimed at promoting Solo as a cultural city.

“Although the building will be constructed within the budget, we will give priority to certain parts of the museum in the revised draft,” Ahyani pointed out.

“It will still be a four-storied building, with an exhibition space, a library, a workshop and a keris storage area,” she noted.

Ahyani stated that the revised design would also be discussed with Kemendikbud.

“The design and construction must be in harmony with the landscape of former RSJ Mangunjayan. Moreover, the former RSJ building has been designated as a heritage building (BCB),” she added.

Meanwhile, Surakarta Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo (Rudy) said the local government would discuss the revision of the museum¿s design with the ministry next week. The outcome of the meeting will help the local government finalise the detailed engineering design for the museum project.

“The meeting could lead to downsizing of the project, but the layout plan might remain the same,” she added.

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