Garbage Consignment Stacked Up at Kuta Beach


Garbage consignment such as woods, leaves, and plastics which had been driven ashore in the last few days stacked up at Kuta Beach, Bali.

“The trash is more than several days ago. We have organized three heavy equipment since this morning,” Head of Kuta Beach Task Force, Gusti Ngurah Tresna stated in Denpasar.

To him, the garbage pilling is from various areas in Java driven ashore by the water flow. “It is getting worse because of the heavy rain happened in Kuta,” he added.

The garbage had been carried by 100 trucks plied from Kuta to the garbage dump (TPA) at Suwung, Denpasar.

“100 trucks carry the garbage and take it to TPA. Moreover, more trash still stack up which temporarily put near the Kuta cemetery,” he said.

Not only the cleaners of Quick Reaction Unit (URC) from Badung Regency Administration, thousand of seller and Kuta Beach Task Force officers were also involved in cleaning the tourism area.

Because of the garbage piles on the last three days, Tresna added, the foreign tourists reluctantly sun bathing or surfing at Kuta Beach.

Some tourists have complained about the beach condition that is very dirty because of garbage pile and has made them uncomfortable.

“I observe that the tourists’ visit is decreasing. However, there are some tourists still coming because we explain that it is the nature and we are trying to clean it,” he said.

Badung Regency Sanitation and Parks Agency (DKP), previously, prepared five heavy tools along the beach at Badung region with 30 cleaners.

Head of Badung DKP, Eka Mertawan, previously stated that one garbage truck carried is equal to 3 tons because it was wet and big.

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  1. J Says:

    Just my opinion.
    The equipment used in raking the beach is not large enough for the job. Go bigger and have 3-4 machines work at night. You avoid disturbing the crowds and the beach is free of obstacles to avoid while running the equipment. As a tourist who loves the island and the people, I hope that the Govt. can find the long term solutions that will preserve tourism for the next generation of Balinese.

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