Illegal Turtle Sale Has Failed


Officers of Water Police at Bali Regional Police station had blocked the turtle sale from Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara as well as arrested three sellers.

Head of the Action Section of Water Police at Bali Regional Police station, Commissioner Ketut Rai Suandi, said that those three sellers, Jun, FA and El, had been ascertained as the accused, whereas Ah is only a witness.

The suspect arrest started from report of the local residents that there was a ship carried thirteen turtles entering Tanjung Benoa , Badung.

“The identified ship entered the area of Tanjung Benoa. After we inspected it carefully, we brought the ship toward Benoa harbor,” Suandi said.

In the inspection process, the officers found thirteen turtles carried by Borneo I ship. One of the turtles was died and the rest are kept in the turtle conservation at Serangan, Denpasar.

The Sumbawa turtle will be sold in Bali. The suspects departed to Sumbawa from Kedonganan Beach, Kuta. Until now the ship owner with initial MD is wanted.

“The role of MD is investigated, whether he instructs or pays operational cost of the ship. With enough evident, he could be the accused too,” Suandi said.

Because of the crime done, the suspects will receive five years in prison and have to pay fine of a hundred million rupiah because they had violated Regulation number 5 issued on 1990 about Natural Resources Conservation.

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