Students to Study Outside Classrooms


At least 70 students from three classes of an elementary school in Sawan district, Buleleng regency, were forced to take their daily lessons with the sky as their roof, after their school’s roof collapsed.

The school has a total of six grades, with 157 students overall.

“All the students from those three classes had to study outside their classrooms, to avoid the danger of the roof collapsing any further,” said the headmaster of public elementary school SD 2 Sangsit, Dewa Putu Sutama.

Sutama thought that the roof had collapsed due to acute damage by termites.

“The school building was renovated in 2006. We did not expect that the roof would fall in like this,” he said.

Sutama said that he had reported the incident to the Urban Poverty Project (UPP) unit at the Sawan district office, which hopefully would submit the report to the Buleleng Education Agency.

“We really hope the roof will be repaired soon,” said Sutama.

At present, the teachers and school committee of SD 2 Sangsit are still discussing the best solution to be taken to ensure the continuation of learning and teaching at the school.

“We may have to split the activities into morning and afternoon classes, or borrow empty classrooms at the neighboring school, SD 9 Sangsit. But that school is quite far from here, actually,” said Sutama.

Reportedly last year, the Bali Education, Youth and Sports Agency recorded a staggering 2,357 school buildings – from elementary, junior high to senior high school – or more than 11 percent of the total number of school buildings across the island, as being in dire need of renovation.

There are a total of 21,258 schools in Bali, comprising 13,151 elementary schools, 4,591 junior high schools, 2,592 senior high schools and 924 vocational schools.

For the renovation of those dilapidated school buildings, the provincial administration allocated Rp 21 billion (US$2.14 million) last year. Around Rp 10 billion of this sum was allocated for the renovation of elementary schools.

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