Vocational-shool Student Holds Solo Finger-painting Exhibition


I Kadek Seinia Dwi Pratama, a student of vocational school SMK Negeri 1 Sukawati, Gianyar District, Bali, is holding a solo finger-painting exhibition at Artspace in Sanur, Denpasar.

In the exhibition titled “Seinia Soul Turmoil,” being held from January 20 to February 2, 2013, the 17-year-old teenager shows 11 of 200 paintings demonstrating expressionism and abstract art, created with oil paints and acrylics.

Seinia’s entire collection was made using his footprints and ten fingers and without a brush, similar to Affandi, who inspired the young artist of Banjar Betngandang origin in Kauh Sanur, Denpasar.

“These paintings of Seinia seem wild, magical, and mystical as if they were born from a spirit-realm intervention,” said Wayan Jengki Sunarta, a curator of paintings, when met at the Yayaa Artspace in Sanur on Saturday.

Seinia’s paintings mix dark colours with bright ones. When studying the colours in detail, one notices scratches on the paintings of the second-class student that assume various forms, such as humans, monsters, and other mythical beasts.

“Because of this, we assessed Seinia’s work and decided it was indeed eligible for display in a solo exhibition – especially the pieces created in 2011-2012,” Jengki stated.

Meanwhile, as one of the owners of Warung Yayaa Artspace, Igo Blado decided that Seinia’s work is not lost amongst that of seasoned artists.

“Incidentally, I dedicated this Artspace to novice artists who often have difficulty with holding solo exhibitions,” he emphasised.

Seinia noted that he had taught himself to paint and create works of art based on his mood at night.

“Usually, I paint at 11 p.m. A painting takes 15 to 45 minutes,” remarked the second of three sons born to I Ketut Sudiarta and Ni Wayan Kariani.

He explained that the resulting paintings are not produced for school assignments.

“I paint as I wish after some reflection,” remarked the Affandi admirer.

Ketut Sudiarta, as a parent, claimed that he always gave his child whatever he needed for painting, such as canvases, oil paints, acrylics, and frames.

“For one painting, I have to spend no less than Rp2 million. In fact, to fulfill the wishes of my children, I would sell everything I have,” stated the man who works as a tour guide.

Seinia and his team do not set sales targets.

“But if anyone wishes to have the painting, please buy it at a reasonable price for a tasteful artwork produced by a budding artist,” he said.

Of the 11 paintings on display, two are not for sale: “Finding Sacrifice” and “Perfection of Being.”

“Both these paintings cannot be bought with money because I made them after a great deal of contemplation,” explained Seinia.

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