Bali is Marked as “Lorenzo’s Land”


Bali was marked as “Lorenzo’s Land” by the 2012 MotoGP champion, who is from Spain, Jorge Lorenzo when he visited Kuta.

He marked the land by sticking a flag with writing of “Lorenzo’s Land” on one place at Beachwalk mal.

“Lorenzo has been to Bali for five times and he always love seeing his fans here as well as spending his vacation. Because he is personally close to this place, he regards Bali as one of ‘Lorenzo’s Land’,” Chief of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) DDS Bali, Sudrajat Jonathans spoke as the facilitator of Lorenzo’s visit.

He said that it is an honour for Balinese because their land is included in the 2012 MotoGP champion’s special map.

Before sticking the flag, the racer who was born at Mallorca, Spain, met his fans that are in total of 99, his favorite number.

The lucky fans who could meet Lorenzo are mostly consumen of Yamaha in Bali.

“Consumens who take part in the meet and greet event are young people, that is in line with Yamaha spirit, whereas the rest are motor community,” he said.

It was not easy to meet the world racer because his fans had to wait for hours. Though, most of them were very excited because they could take picture with their idol.

“I want to be the tourism ambassador for Bali because for me this land is like my hometown, which is very familiar,” Lorenzo said.

The athmosphere and natural views of the Island of Gods is very beautiful like heaven, thus Bali is regarded as his country, which has similar condition.

Beautiful natural view in Bali has made the Mallorcan racer feels very happy to visit and to spend his spare time in Bali and also other area in Indonesia.

“Now I don’t have any plan to but a villa or other property in Bali, but maybe next time I will,” he said.

He said that maybe if he has retired from the racing world, he will spend his spare time more in Bali.

Promotion General Manager of PT YIMM Eko Prabowo said that Lorenzo was very pleased to visit Bali and he always come when he has long vacations before the next MotoGP championship.

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