LPA Investigates Child Marriage


Child Protection Organization (LPA) Bali investigated child marriage case in Jehem village, Bangli regency.

“The case happens to an elementary school student, NWJ (13), who is now in grade six. We immediately send our team to investigate this case including its chronological order,” Head of LPA Bali Ni Nyoman Masni said.

She tried to get the chronology when the intercourse occurred because there is possibility that the child was deceived.

“For now we can’t comment too much before uncovering the fact,” she said.

Masni said that LPA don’t claim the marriage based on Hindus belief.

“Based on Hindus belief, the marriage is considered right as long as the girl already had her period. However, based on law, the marriage is not correct because the girl is under the proper age to marry,” she said.

Moreover, data collected shown that it brought no harm to anyone. However, we have to investigate the chronological order since when the girl had her first intercourse.

Although her physical condition is mature but psychologically she is not mature enough. The other factor is her future consideration.

“Certainly, after pregnant and married, she will not be able to go to school anymore.” She said.

As reported previously, NWJ was married on 23 January 2013 since she is on seventh month of pregnancy. Her husband is a forty years old man, I Wayan Cidra. He is a married man and has two children. This child marriage was uncovered after the official of Woman and Child Protection Unit (PPA) Bangli Resort Police Station investigating and interrogating the girl as well as her husband.

Meanwhile, the official of PPA Bangli admitted that there is no report or anyone who reveived any harm from the marriage.

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