Unud Lecture Compiles Balinese Valence Dictionary


Lecture of Literature Faculty Udayana University (Unud) Denpasar Prof Ketut Artawa compiled a Balinese valence dictionary to bring a more comprehensive understanding to people on the use of Balinese vocabulary.

“The valence dictionary compilation is actually to support Balinese learning resources too,” he said in Denpasar.

The dictionary is inspired by English dictionary, which presented each root word with its use in a sentence and their word formation.

“For example for the word cold in Balinese it describes ‘dinginin’ and ‘dinginang’ completed with their use in sentences. Although they have the same root word, their meaning is different when it gets affix,” he said.

However, for example of sentence, instead of making up a new sentence he would take from the authentic texts.

“My job on the compilation is more on formulating outlines so that people will found it easier to use word in Balinese,” the Dean Assistant of Unud Literature Faculty said.

Previously, he had written English article related to valence Balinese dictionary. “From the article I begin to make or compile a valence dictionary. But, I will also make a theoretical analysis of it,” he said.

The literature observer added that if there is no theoretical analysis, then it will be only regarded as a record of words.

“I am also obsessed by the research findings. I want to write a comprehensive grammar of Balinese. There is a proper Balinese grammar being written but it is very limited,” he said.

He thought that Balinese is one of interesting languages if we see it from its sociolinguistics, tipology, and language theory. “Balinese always brings its own challenge to the literature lovers,” Artawa said.

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